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Wonder what students get up to while in London? Have a click below

Fall 2014

Rebekah Heath’s Bekah Abroad In London

Devon Delfino’s Devon Across the Pond

Katie Wurtzel’s Katie Abroad in London

Elana Maling’s Elana Goes to London

Cailyn Critini’s Beantown to London

Alvi Rahman’s A Daily Smiler (Fall 2014 Blog Contest winner)

Tori Ann Booras’s British Adventure (Fall 2014 Blog Contest runner up)

Spring 2014

Sarah Kapacia’s 365 Grateful (Spring 2014 winner)

Jasmine Kusumowidagdo’s That London Life

Ayako Watanabe’s Europe Through the Eyes of a Nikon 

Kelsey Dielman’s Explore Like Never Before

Fall 2013

Katherine Lynn’s A View From Across the Pond

Samantha Maloney’s Sam the Nomad

Adena Feitelson’s London Adventures 

Marshall Shaffer’s Adventures in London

Meghan McCormick’s Stopping for Tea

Jasmine Shevell’s Deerstalkers and Phone Booths

Alexandra Kirkland’s Chronicles of a Texan studying abroad

Jack Davidson’s Jump Cut, a photo blog


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