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A short piece on volunteering in London by Alvi Rahman:

Volunteering has long shown benefits to mental health as well as giving direction and meaning to individuals’ lives. A form of volunteering that actually originated in the United Kingdom is ‘time banking’. Time banking is a volunteer program that focuses on reciprocal service exchange that uses units of time as a form of currency. Time banking entails volunteering dedicating their time to help others and for each hour of service, they receive an hour of time credit. This credit can then be used to receive services from other individuals or even vouchers. There are many time banks around London, which you can join. There are many opportunities to volunteer around London especially with our neighbors at Imperial College! Student Action for Refugees aims to improve the lives of asylum seekers and refugees in the UK. Another club, Save the Children, is a really fun charity that aims to raise money for over 30 million children and organizes events such as music concerts, parties around London and shows to promote global health issues. There are many opportunities to volunteer that are both extremely meaningful and enjoyable. And they’re always looking for more volunteers!

Here is a video explaining Timebanking


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