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Thanksgiving in London


Just because you’re abroad doesn’t mean you have to forgo one of America’s best-loved holidays!

There are several restaurants in London that will happy serve you a traditional meal (or at least attempt to):

Trader Vic’s celebrates Thanksgiving with a Tiki twist – classic dishes, including butternut squash soup with goats cheese, apricot glazed roast turkey with stuffing and all the trimmings and pumpkin pie with salted caramel ice cream appear on the menu. Inquire via email for booking and price.

The Truscott Arms – Butternut bisque and cheddar biscuits, Roast Turkey with Cornbread, Bacon, Leek and Pecan Stuffing, Green Bean Casserole, Whipped Sweet Potatoes with Caramelised Apples, Creamy Corn, Cranberry Maple Jelly, Pecan and Pumpkin Pies. £40/person

Big Easy BBQ – mostly conventional menu, but with a pit smoked turkey. £30/head

Sam’s Brasserie – order items, rather then the set menus offered above.

Thanksgiving  Dinner Catered

Thanksgiving Dinner Catered

Of course, the most economical way to do Thanksgiving is DIY. Check out the Food Network’s Quick and Easy Thanksgiving page here or Real Simple’s Thanksgiving Guide here.

Please speak to your RA, Flat Captain, and housekeeper if you’d like additional kitchen supplies – baking trays, pans, etc.

Stay tuned next week for recipes from the BU London Staff! If you’ve got a recipe you’d like to share, please leave it in the comments section, or if you’d like write a blog post yourself, please pop Student Life an email.

Thanksgiving at Home

Thanksgiving at Home

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