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Getting to know London



Want to get to know London? Try the Alternative London Tour. Focusing on the East End of London and led by locals, you book online and pay what you can in person. Be generous if you can – they put a lot of love into their work.


Alternative London Tour Guide


Check out the Museum of London  (free entry!) which covers everything from pre-historic London, when animals roamed Trafalgar Square, Londinium (when it was part of the Roman Empire), Medieval London…all the way to the present day.

Looking for more to do? Try a traditional Sunday Roast (with Yorkshire Pudding, which probably originates from Yorkshire but is not “pudding”) at your local pub – see the Metro’s Top 10 Sunday Roasts in London

Or perhaps Afternoon Tea is more your *ahem* cup of tea. A truly luxurious experience with a pot of tea, tiers of sandwiches, scones (rhymes with “gone”), and lovely pastries. Afternoontea.co.uk is having a January sale.

No list would be complete without Fish & Chips. Check out TimeOut London’s top ten list here.


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