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Protest at Israeli Embassy on High Street Ken



This message comes from the Metropolitan Police. The planned protest in front of the Israeli Embassy is just off Kensington High STreet on 2 Palace Green (just across from Whole Foods and behind TK Maxx).

Protest at Israeli Embassy, 2 Palace Green, London, W8 4QB.  

On Saturday 5 July 2014, there will be a protest opposite the Israeli Embassy in Kensington High Street, London W8. This is expected to take place between 2pm – 4pm. The anticipated attendance is currently several hundred people. Previous demonstrations at that location have attracted significant numbers of demonstrators.  

There is no current intelligence or information to suggest there will be any form of counter protest, however this remains under constant review.

Due to the anticipated high numbers of people attending, there will be an increase in noise levels and footfall in the immediate area. There may also be a degree of traffic disruption.

There is a proportionate policing plan in place to deal with this demonstration. There will be police liaison officers on duty throughout, linking in and engaging with the demonstrators.

Please see attached link for details should you encounter a protest in or near to your building.


For updates during Saturday follow the MPS public order twitter account @MetPoliceEvents


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