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People of of the London Underground



Whether you are new to public transport or a seasoned veteran, you’ll get a kick out of this mural of the more colourful passengers of the London Underground: http://instagram.com/peopleontheunderground

Here’s a flashmob from last year’s No Trouser day:

No Pants


The length of summer courses is too short for you to qualify for a Student Oyster card. However, you can buy you can by a normal Oyster from any Tube Station. The card costs £5 which you can top-up (add) credit to. It will cut the cost of public transportation significantly. For example, if you travel from South Kensington Station (near Sorbonne House and the Natural History Museum) to Piccadilly Circus Station (both stations are in Zone 1) it will cost £2.20 on your Oyster card. If you pay in cash it is £4.70.

Use TFL’s website (or app) to plan a journey: https://www.tfl.gov.uk/plan-a-journey/


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