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Eating Healthy in London



With so many delicious foods at your fingertips in this multicultural city, we can be left feeling less than spectacular when all the late-night Soho dinners add up. Understandably, cooking healthy at home isn’t always the most fun option. Eating out proves not only to be a convenient event, but also a social one. Luckily, Student Life has your back with these yummy AND healthy restaurant options.

The Grain Store

Brunch, lunch, dinner and desert. Includes many vegetarian and vegan options. Easily get through your five-a-day with dishes like the Buttermilk & caraway braised cauliflower with black trompettes & fresh grapes.

Cinnamon Soho

Be nice to both your wallet and waistline – check out Cinnamon Soho for a fun and friendly meal.

The Wright Brothers – Oyster & Porter House

Award-winning Oyster & Porter House situated in the heart of London’s bustling Borough Food Market, right next to London Bridge. Speciality in oysters – a wide range and sourced from the best British and French producers. Eat outdoors to also cash in on some vitamin D. 


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