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Things to check out this week



1. ART: Richard Hamilton at theTate Modern. Feb 13 – May 26 ££, £14.50


2. FOOD: Royal China Dim Sum – Baker Street £££

royal china fulham - 12

3. NIGHT OUT: PING ££ Play pingpong, drink, eat!


4. FOOD: Hong Kong Waffle (Street food) £. In China Town – between Gerrard Place and Newport Place


5. DAY: Kew Gardens – 14.50. ££

TreeTopKew1.jpg / Kew Gardens

6. NIGHT OUT: Dalston Superstore, £. Food, drinks, music, art – Really cool, really odd, really fun people. LGBT friendly

HyperStore Launch Night © Al de Perez - All Rights Reserved

7. LGBT NIGHT OUT: The Joiner’s Arms in Shoreditch £


8. DAY & FOOD – Sunday (Funday!)£ (about 5 pounds per meal) – food from all over the world


9. DAY: Highgate Cemetery, Free or £ for Tour. For the Bronte/Anne Rice fan.


10. FILM: The Institute Francais‘s Celebration of Italian cinema, will play select films with Q&A with directors & actors. March 5-9th



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