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Eating in London



Eating is one of life’s great pleasures. To help you indulge at a more reasonable price, check out the restaurant vouchers available at these chain restaurants, courtesy of MoneySavingExpert – there’s a selection of gourmet burgers, Italian restaurants, Spanish tapas, Greek restaurants, and bars/pubs with offers. Please click here.

If you want to partake in some of London’s fine dining establishments, several of them have discount offers on if you book via TopTable. Some offer set menus with a drink at a discount, special-prices on lunch or mid-week menus, etc. To view the list of restaurants with current offers, click here.

Of course, the least expensive way to indulge is to cook for yourself. There are several sources online that are tailored for students – they require little experience and few ingredients. BBC Student Good Food which is written by BBC Food writers, Student Recipes with submissions from students all over the UK, SORTED, with recipes from all over Europe including video instructions for the visual learners among you, and GoodHousekeeping’s 15 best Student Recipes.

Really stuck? Try beans on toast. Nutritious, cheap, filling, and very British.

beans_on_toast430x300photo courtesy of GirlAlive



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