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Imperial College – Give it a Go



Here’s a message from our friends at Imperial College. If you’d like to attend the Super Bowl Party on Sunday evening, please sign up via your Personal Page by Friday, 31 January at noon.

Fresher's Fair Imperial 2013

We hope you’re enjoying your time in London so far. You should have already received your Imperial College Union Associate membership card. As an Associate Member of Imperial College Union, you can use all of our facilities and get involved in all of our Clubs, Societies & Projects. Joining one is a great way to meet people, pick up a new skill and encounter students from around the world. We can also provide a great social scene at any time of day for you to meet with your friends or have a great night out. There are a number of things you can get involved with at the Union…here are a few events that are coming up soon:


Your membership for January has been paid for by Boston University and is currently valid until 31 January. If you want to join any of our Clubs, Societies & Projects, or gain access to our bars, you will need to renew your membership. Renewing it is easy! Associate Membership is only £5 a month; just come in to the Union building on our South Kensington campus and renew your membership at reception. For more information about our events, visit our website at imperialcollegeunion.org. We look forward to welcoming you to the Union!


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