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Pickpocketing in London



London is fab, though the same cannot be said of all its inhabitants. Pickpocketing unfortunately, is a problem. Here are some tips on how to avoid falling victim:

  1. Carry wallets/phones in front rather that back pockets
  2. When walking, keep your bag shut and in front of you. If you can, carry your bag cross-body (but do not push your bag to your back)
  3. Try to blend in. Being an obvious tourist, makes you a more likely target
  4. SidewalkPickpocketDo not leave your possessions unattended, not even behind a chair in a pub or restaurant
  5. Avoid counting your money in public, avoid rummaging in your bag or purse
  6. Do not carry more valuable or important items than you have to
  7. Be vigilant at ATMs and try to use a machine in a bank
  8. Be weary of strangers approaching you. The old “Pigeon Poop” trick is time tested. A good samaritan approaches you to tell you you have been soiled and puts their hand in your pocket while helping to clean

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