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Where’s Van Gogh’s Ear?: At the Courtauld



By Mallory Moench

What’s the good thing about a small and intimate art museum like the Courtauld Gallery? You can get close enough to almost touch Vincent Van Gogh’s ear – or rather, lack there of.

In the halls of this exclusive gallery, housed in the prestigious Cortauld Institute of Art, you can find Degas’ ballet dancers, Manet’s barmaid at the Folies-Bergére, and Van Gogh’s bandaged ear, among other masterpieces.

If you’re not a fan of fine art, don’t worry; like any good museum, a café is never far away. And this one, along with an assortment of unique coffees, teas, and cakes, offers seating in an open-air courtyard with a beautiful view of the magnificent building itself.

And if people-watching’s your thing, you’re sure to never have a lack of subjects, what with the steady stream of artsy students from the Institute (including some of BU’s own), and other fashionably or strangely dressed visitors.

You might even be able to get your romantic fix when a couple getting married take their wedding photos across the courtyard – but that’s just if you’re lucky.


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