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The Old Blue celebrates 313 years



Article & Photo by Reena Mangubat

In September, the Old Blue Last threw itself the biggest birthday party to celebrate 313 years of operation. That’s right—this bar is older than America—and it celebrated appropriately.

Entry to the party was free, but guest-list only. People won a spot on the list by entering into an online raffle on the Old Blue Last’s website, Facebook, or Twitter. Those lucky enough to make it on the list were treated to a night of free music from London’s rising bands and DJs and free drinks—yes, a bar gave away booze for a night. The biggest draw for the party was definitely the headlining band, Peace. Peace is one of Britain’s biggest new indie bands, and that was evident by the troves of people who attempted to shove into a room no bigger than a kitchen to see them play.


When Peace took the teeny-tiny stage—it’s a wonder how the band even fit on it—the crowd went absolutely wild. The entire room turned into a crazed mosh pit, the crowd sang in drunken unison to the catchy tunes, and crowd surfers were carried along by the audience in the spirit of rock’n’roll.

Afterwards, DJs spun late into the night. It was a great night out made even sweeter by the fact that it was completely free.


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