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A weekend in Scotland



Article & Photo by Jack Davidson

Way back during the summer when the Social Programme site started selling tickets, I had been eagerly awaiting to visit Scotland. As a history buff interested in figuring out my genealogy, I knew that many of my ancestors hailed from Edinburgh, Glasgow, and the Highlands.


Edinburgh (pronounced EDIN-BRUH by the Brits) was like no town I’d ever seen in terms of preserving its long history. Edinburgh Castle remains in all its glory, overlooking the city on top of a hill in the center. Ancient cobblestone roads and tunnels can be found throughout the Old Town. A rocky hill called “Arthur’s Peak” lies just outside the city, one of the rumored locations of Camelot. Never have I seen a city so embrace its historic past. It’s also absolutely filled with pubs.

The Highlands are of course just up north, and are filled with fantastic mountain views. It is a photographer’s dream – a kind of paradise (if a bit brisk), and not to be missed. I don’t think I’ll ever find a place as beautiful as this.

Try http://www.eastcoast.co.uk/ for tickets to Edinburgh. It makes for the perfect weekend getaway!

Please click here to check out Jack’s photo blog and other work. 



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